Virtual Democracy

I will now form a virtual democracy of the future accord of

the game Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision . Peace *

the term of Dubai getting free trade is on the new GlobeNet

map of the virtual mapping of preventing GlobeSat in Rush

Buy of the accord to begin Ecotopia game1 Ageia without a

term of genetic tailoring in way of Manna n Games Caucus 2

advent to the cultural advancement of Conservation and on

basis FutureTech will allow advanced composites the accord

to get Manna Party home-office online a 1 BDRM Apt with a

reguard to help with Virtual Democracy of Bb Group INDU 2

in way of Manna n Games n Houses Midwest Holding nPax .

communications directory 🥙🥗🍕

resumanna advise portfolio update

Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest

18322.75~79.1-10~20.0,4*20 PAX ☮


an ode to lord bard

agin I sei lord lite of the way …

it begins an ode to late time of Marsha ..

putrefactio I boiled and less reduction *

a tide of destruction is not my hole in þý

ceiling of a bughole the likes of mannapi

now get as I am space priate king the lin

of noughtý aughta begin AmenYe Manå¡

oh cold haired bard . . tough as we are!

wharf rats and wharf crew hiý0n to úú

bardiondude in light we say goodbye 2

Miss Marsha as Ben Carson will stay in

ways of your ageia the light again st ~¡

cloud druid adept green on air and git

what frazzled his hair in the alchemy!

of love and light in Peace being Now :

Save the Planet almighty Bob ! GodBb2 tsr#b

help us Medio with networking2 git ai

maste~bardi of a bardiondude kinDm

of medio alighted your dimension wit

Manna n Games Peace to You brother

and peace to the pirate kin . epitaph .

written by eberis the same druid ev .

we miss you S~Heaven . Earth Peace

grateful dead . gm bye hippie marta

epitaph timing 11:37 3/25/2020 A.D.

druid ev K.I.N.G. of green turtles B!

the acquisite of the beginning of the year 2020 and itenirary .

hello . first of all I am so tired of the review of 2020 being on pre internet about the rule of some idiot with guiding principle getting the pre report on getting a copy of writing so he can say he wrote it I’m blogging it . I have Einstein disorder . Albert Einstein had a problem with some geiner pre reporting what he would write .. writing it and Albert just sitting there wondering when the so called editor would stop precasting what he wanted to say which ruined his work on an editor . this will to now be an example of timea plaigiarism called blogging . other thought is I’m so sick of Meta is your guiding principle of what I meant you get now is what you meant you thought of first because yer an eco-fascist .. got it but the principle of original thought is your are a genetic engineering terrorist . fine then . I suppose you thought of human . I will now begin blogging what I meant is your damn Meta getting precasting of the beginning of the year 2020 .

here goes . ready 123 .

I have an itenirary ([and don’t bitch me out about spelling it with an i]) to work on the space program .

I have networking to get incommon of the working group of emc2 .

I tried sending messaging networking to Richard Branson .

if it makes sense to geiners what genetic terrorin meant by interrupt value of presupposite in some cragass responds to Al-Hadeed ; kind of figure out I use a game term to explain what I don’t want in Refurb Ageia … genetic ageia .

simulcrums are on Linux . Osmr .

if Osmr is Osamani bin Ladama’s little brother’s clone I am going what is wrong with the dumas contract of Africa Refurb now …

we can get capital spending .. republican investors can get venture capital of refoubing power & light I get but the power n light grant is for therma pile of nualer colum£ .

maybe I’m over stating you are being a real a-hole in way of Genetics taught to junior philosophy in the guise of your Guiding Light of Biology .

last thought on first things . is that precasting ??

anyway I don’t like Meta is being used by Al-Hadeed .

moving on to itenirary .

free enterprise ssi* net app 10 • druid 2 io 2

defense caucus 2 io2 Manna n Games Caucus 2

home automation setting of Chief of Police MagicNet2

geomantic astrolomy Sector A 2AB B2A A1C turtle button

MannaP Decrim [(Psychology)] secondary pulmonray congestion

health decade future accord acquisition Manna Legal Omera nPax

proper nonGMO food supply with Free State chicken and breads

actual genetic natural fruit juices and coffee supply with sugar ..

free press acquisite will be online Green on Air in terms of the radio update of digital regard to the setting of online networking possibility of media ecology audio connection to a radio station in way of communications directory abided to Free State and NORML

that’s all to now . I will try to blog later ..

some idiot genetic entendre terrorin group are trying to presuppose my darn blog .

anyway I will try later . Peace Now . good luck to Elon Musk and happy New Year .

druidev acquisite of messaging networking topic~reply greenlisting of global peace now

acquisite of Directory

I have my Energy Star * phone set to Green Linux infoHiWayDAT Directory sans Grouper Project Scarlett and have a ranting disorder of getting an idea and the drug cop where I live at a private address driving by and saying Talk and it setting off the data center which moderates what I say .

Directory is currently the postmodernism and rainbow family contacts of the associate to old friends who can figure out I am quintessentially working at home .

the advent of new eco2 ageia at Dubia is making news on Bloomberg TV but I can’t watch that because someone with the star wars term Darem put wi-fi advertisements on the video setting at Bloomberg and the free software repeat code if you’re astute isn’t nice because I am a media ecology audio savant and they didn’t realise I wasn’t cornering the market I was adding green exchange … so in short form the problem with media ecology audio sign on tv interactive code media called videon is the term net.neutrality of Republican internet getting overlay of internet and tv but I interact with my tier3 video and it is summed up as a disorder the stock exchange run by Michael Bloomberg didn’t seem to like and understand very well .

I am the postmodernism micronetic blogger of work at home at a private address associate to Dubai and Singapore office and the rainbow family net.druid setting of ecotopian future of refurbish ageia .

before you fly off the handle in way of nationalism [(…)] the game term I use to get cultural advancement after Democracy is my so called passion and in fact my sociopathy .

nothing else now . I wish you well in the future accord of The Agency and AI Surveillance as game terms of the future of Chapter2 Robotics . Peace now .

druidev druid acquisite of 18322.75~79.1-10~20.0,4*20 MannaP decrim *

my current level of philosophy

greeting .. yes I speak MetaPhysX quantum exchange [(captive)]

ready 123 .

I am a Phil 30 ab Teacher of gm gala assoc. ferdinia Sector B2A

turtle button mini serv 2 QQ compaq net.gifting inExecutive2 .

not much of a blog …

I can’t stand quantum saumn cataloging of nexa copy calc3 displacement in linear

exchange of b setting string value of micro symbology of iria fusion ion quantal .

is that a joke ? nope it’s my metaphysics of MetaPhysX . what’s the catch ? it’s a

CybaPana databall lite ecorefurbish space interior 10 Systems Star N Planet 01

avail in sector planet refurb actually . what’s the nomer ¿ TriCameral regional

update of Yeswecannabis often won’t tell you we don’t smoke pot currently ~

though we will work on it each day . what expanse ? Sector A 1A3 2AB B2A .

review . turtle button reduction of philosophy You Are Here . really . Peace

<sigh> what philosophy ? the ethic of temporum in regard to panthen setting of ftl transit in way of unoccluded fertila sargasso and metaphysics of nebular chaotic value of transpire in ethic of current astrolomic geomantic setting of type of civilization that would incoria the ethic of preventing saumn exchange of x,xy counter phi impose of timea edita delimit and the ethos of paxful ageia in postmodernism without the problem of genetic tailoring in reguard to aspiring reigndom of ageia and bardic leader . Pax Now

otay¡ cloud druid adept ….. I am getting at space linux and linux bards are freebooting .

what [(…)] atmo cyba vina . freebooting . you didn’t like that . 01 scainit2 blogger druid

druidev green acquisite of ecorefurbish blue sky messages and green exchange 18322.75

gamers and terrorin

I am a gm .

it means gamemaster .

I am a subLevel 4a gm of constroy .

terrorin is in the game Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision

which is the focus of my sociopathy .

the cultural advancement form of government after Democracy

is Ecotopia . Ecotopia requires the forward network advance bonus of genetic tailoring .

genetic tailoring is the offshoot of the advance in Medicine after the advance after Pharmaceuticals .

Genetics is the advance in Medicine after Pharmaceuticals and gives the World Wonder The Genome Project .

the advance after that , the offshoot of which is Genetic Tailoring .

what does that have to do with terrorin ?

terrorin are computer aptitude terrorists .

it’s from another game known as the espionage role playing game .

THE WEB in the game I meant Top Secret S.I.

are the terrorists . unforetunately the good guys ORION

are Special Forces . give that a little thought ..

terrorin want to use a game term to get ecoterrorism

but ecoterrorists use NanoAssembly to destroy the

5 most polluting cities on Earth . Earth Peace

are Al-Hadeed trying to form ecoterrorism ?

well they employ computer aptitude terror suspects so it seems like it .

last one . what is a gamer in space force ? a targeting acquisition advisor .

tough one . ready 123 . what is a gm ¿? it’s annoying . .

a spec op Agent ☮ net.druid2 GSOM ‘mad’ professor of Orion 3°2

alright [(…)] what is a gamer to a terrorin ?

a gamer is the one who does targeting acquisition to prevent

what is currently a myth about nanoassembly . xona cyba ..

so yer a gamer . 1 2 3 4 5 . yer a computer aptitude hindi african hanging around middle schools ??

that’s ….. accurate . the problem is Al-Hadeed would be nuclear capable .

should you ignore that ? I doubt it unless you want role playing .

that’s all . off soapbox .

druidev green exchange blue sky message blogger *

Directory sans Grouper and ecocentric Manna n Games

I have a joke about the impeachment hearings .

if you care to complain about the president having to go ..

what is the reason of complaint ?

if you get he might not want a second term because popular thought does not offer him one …

will you consider he is doing his best , really .. and isn’t a harm to the people who are complaining as a drug culture of the mention of protestant and the accord of world networking .

this will be my thought .

ready 1 2 3

the XBOX 2 Project Scarlett sign on of intelligence

is the setting of little letters b cia2 online networking

and the Scarlett program itself is the Marvel2 telecom

of the following agreement to allow the name Captain_Marvel_2

in regard to in fact Scarlet Witch as a character in DemoGraph

of telecom heroes who help with globalization .

Globalization is the term of media ecology theory which

concerns the issue of world internet in way of the

worldly accord of hello world . hello druid 2

we say is the accord of getting epatech~internet

or in fact incommon of the internet2 highway

of getting online to a future of home automation .

incommon federation is a way to explain the precast of space force

is the way to explain what we will say we don’t want is Tm network

on non~CRMinit2 of Grouper getting pretense of a hack from the

pre Internet of trying to put the future accord on data centers of the

pre internet value of the future accord in the 1990s which is based on

the future setting of the game Civilization by microprose which we

played on the pre internet right before compile of the internet in the

mid 1990s . what we want to explain we did is play a game which had

a wall on the border of Mexico beginning in 2018 and finished in 2024 .

what it does is tear down the border wall in 2026 and get public works

of the super industry put in the region of Indiana on the border near

the state of Michigan . it’s not a problem unless Trump decides to retire

his second term instead of being removed from office . if he and Pense

decide to not run a second term there should be not any big issue of a

forward push of impeachment . the Danish corporate socialist entity

seems to be intent on an aggressive complaint basis of the post of a

kind of charge against his actions which the Tea Party called “non profit”

Manna Party don’t see as that bad … but if the protestant opinion is

he’s gotta go , he’s gotta go it leaves Tea Party confused about what the

complaint is . if the litigation becomes non compus menti which is the

illegal term in impeachment hearing in capital business law .. he just

decides to tell press club he won’t seek a second term and that’s it …

we get a democratic future accord incumbent . the problem with that is

the DNC should be aware of what happened with the constitution isn’t

the booklet written document .. it’s Constitution Law which is overseen

by the Supreme Court . if the term of new updates when they were then

released by Hamilton Law of Half Vote and a priori are understood …

it says the President may seek a second term on relaxed option . what

about that isn’t understood ? the constitutional update allows a POTUS

to have a second term if he wants .. but changing the ruling is requiring

hearing of the setting of impeach naysaying and complaint which offers

he may want to bow out of the race of a second term instead of be on the

grounds of Danish corporate socialist to be litigated as in a network push

to charge a sitting President with crime of complaint . got it ? anyway ,

my topic . ready 123 . the Directory sans Grouper is a setting of Scarlett

to get home automation of the way to prevent a now setting in 2019 of the

future accord of 2020 A.D. home automate software associate to XBOX 2

and the computer value of Azure and home automate software specifically

without the hack on data center of what home automate does is check the

network cookies and any coding you did on networking and give the Otay

to what it offers is a kind of homology of the home networking with new

computing in a New Age sense of allowing any work on home networking

to come up on a VR friendly home automate setting . what I don’t want is

the 2019 data center hack on home networking reguard of private network

to bring up sharing of data centers custom setting before internet2 of the

incommon ID setting of the actual networking wizard which runs the home

automate feature on XBOX 2 , home computers and VR to have the auto ID

hit on data center I see as a hack so the 2020 setting can have future accord of

a setting known to incommon as the wireless and home automate of internet2

in terms of the available home design of VR and then networking messaging .

one more thought .

the Directory setting is the postmodern megastructures business offices of

New Age accord of the reguard to allow globalization in way of world internet .

the networking in media ecology theory is known as globalization . you get it .

last thought really . Directory sans Grouper I say because I am a kind of

incommon savantism of not using the sign on but getting the server setting …

is the Energy Star * cordless phone setting of getting background information

to Directory which if you look on an Energy Star * cordless phone is the middle

button . it brings up a currently unused setting of Directory . urban ecology like

it but media ecology want it used in home automate . you get this again . Peace*

does the future of XBOX 2 messaging networking have alot to do with world

internet postmodernism ¿? apparently yes but I don’t want the hack on 2019

data center hit of a mention or wording copy of the research of home automate

to bother the actual release in 2020 . Otay you get it . nothing else now . PaxNow

druidev green acquisite with another long worded blog . global peace now 18322

I just spammed FaceBook

I am having a weird day .

the Monty Python en socialist comedian of brexit dry heart congestion

woke me up with Montauk assurance of insure dollar pending thought net .

I proceeded to interrupt philosophy people getting aýahuasca starting with datura .

I went on iCloud to iHeart Radio and made fun of co-dominant reggae and psychadelic music to get the components of translate this on a Microsoft browser .

I’m finished making fun of grateful dead blues but I have to solve the ecoPagan community setting of what happened is Jim Belushi is now leaving Hollywood to form a cannabis farm .

peace it together …

I spammed topsecretnwo Global Cannabis Education on Facebook when Jim Belushi tried getting the video on Top Secret : New World Order on archive of a mention of netCloud ..

drbob melamede in Serbia seems to be working on the spam issue . this is all postdated . what does that mean ? I don’t know . ahomataiya .

another comment on green acquisite . Directory sans Grouper . Energy Star *

mythpunk and Dave Arneson

hello there .

there is a caster on called distractedelf .

she is kind but has sensua £ sylvan disorder …..

I want elfkat to know I get the following way of

Lugh in eco holiday of proclivity in summerlands .

I am not trying to bother with new Facebook protest

of nude and a homosensual reguard of activism .

elf is my partner at

Energy Star *

Green Buildings Council

LEED eco friendly

postmodern design [(…)]

I am not trying to bother is my non profit init 2

employer being funny about the rule of

Creation Artisanry .

the New Age sense of Refurbish Ageia …

game term of Civilization 4 : Call to Power by Activision

term of Cultural Advancement after Democracy

form of government called Ecotopia not getting genetic tailoring

as required on forward network of scientific advancements

means everything to us in Refurbish Ageia game1 .

we are a non profit environmental education group

with abided status of short termþ work

in way of jesuit druidism of my job

of urban ecology protest of 20 year audio

getting Bush era FBCI Loud talk net 30 0 in

way of community emitter and the

Pentagon H.A.A.R.P. 2 reproof internet

on basis of scientific magic of saumn

possible quantum displacement secret project

of teleportation in regard to faster than light travel .

the issue with mythpunk is distractedelf is Moon Elf at erowid .

I wish the late Dave Arneson a happy BDay on basis of

the Command Room Gm Gygax wanted

at the pre Internet ecoPagan activism

of Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest

with mental health disorders of

set and setting use of LSD

in sobriety of game recovery [(…)]

my issue is I love Gm and Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

of the hippie generation of

psychadelic music and the philosophy of

Tune In , Turn On and Drop Out .

mythpunk will appreciate druid coven issue of invisible being

Suit Up , Turn on VR , Jack Out .

cyberpunk will get this .

jacking out is on interactive tv2 of

our activism of inExec2* .

home automation will change this to load the settings gamers

work on all day to get ideal home setting of Command Room .

I wish you well . covene , I am a junior division Merry Prankster

of epatech~internet cia2 game govt .

I like you alot but the adage of refurbish movement

should change .. soon . very soon . really quite soon .

Peace to you . druid ev green acquisite . Peace now .