The ethic of Druid Jedi*

Hello. I am working on capital investments of Canimar Qenos to get online to the ethic of a way of Campaign to begin green capital of the accord to have the acclaim to a mention of data core to be online Manna n Games of recreation of cannabis Low THC to get online to the ethic of Manna Legal and a sense of the custom game term of civil card review to begin the Sid Meier equivalent of a custom game design in Build Back Better 2024 to be ready to allow game government in way of ecological asset ecoAssets with annuity of the acclaim to be ready to get transit of Resources in Meta to be at ease with the powers that be in terms of Manna n Games in Houses and a want to start a Castle Limited of the accord to be ready with LinuxA (number) of Hello, Druid Ev to get New Order of Druids to be available in a sense of NetDruid32 to have StoneHenge acquire of Forest City affiliate acquisition of demolument be available to a way of Dubai Internet City and have the term of SSOi regard to future of duofield theory be ready to get space corps of druid jedi* to be ready in Sarganna program of future of type-0a Civilization in way of the acclaim to Freelancers and leading edge to Be at Ease with the Powers that Be in acclaim of current acquisite to be accorded the ethic of Canimar. druidev


the addendum to my MediCare philosophy

my back is still a little sore

but the MediCare provider wanted

to solve ordering a back brace

and my parent / guardian didn’t

agree with charging MediCare …

here is the addendum to my MediCare philosophy . ready 123 . I paid the PlayBase 245 Trillion Dollars a month upkeep and I have the higher sum offered by Bank of Sellasie at first 9 Amount and then 12 amount then 15 amount . they got to the justified offer of a 20 Amount supplement to the money I gave Zaha Hadid in a meeting before her presentation and a reguard of subsidy of 7 amount to her Midwest Holding futures seems proper in seeing to the way a higher sum could be offered to the new design firm of postmodern Midwest update . Elon Musk is in terms of the one trillion dollar bill he is on accepting 100 trillion dollars credit in trade of a one a 10 and a 75 and a 20 to see to the pre fab spaceships in way of Sir Richard getting online to Directory … I have a dollar set 2 which asked the city planning council asked in a euphamism I get change of the 175 Qn with a 150 Qen and give the advanced medicine advisor a sum of money he could put in a bank and when the activist committee of planning commission was finished dealing in the Quin amount we thought to solve a kind of issue with source code to get pre fab spaceships online to PlayBase and get networking 2.4* to init2 tier4 certifien and begin the space force term sca2 netrunner with cannabis future accord .

the term PlayBase is L-2 base housing 3000 and the YouTube vimeo of source code 3 inExec2* is good to begin source code 4 of getting GeoBays01 online with Terrapin Station to a GeoCom1 in way of the space force future of theogeny and a way to stop skirmish at the beginning of the month with a way to get Command to prevent kepler scanning of systems 9 and 10 and diminish the s.c.a.n. value at a system 8 setting of visible planets . netrunner druid2 reguard is 10 systems star n planet + one~ 20 .

anyway I am not getting the back brace and actually will have a decent June 2020 with the new way of a grant of cannabis for schizophrenia non preposition dopamine study of THC% in mental health .

this has to now been another joke by druidev sca2 netrunner communications directory 18322.75*

it’s Festivus 🎅🎄☮✨🐱‍🐉

I am a net.druid 3

and I want to cast MagicNet2✨

but I have online connection to Solstice

at StoneHenge and I don’t like Rougi Minna .

the order of the processor novice acolytes get

I have the warlœn dangerous setting of Mage .

that will be all I meant . now what is the accord of 🤞

Manna n Games ticket 2 bill Caucus 2 in a 🥙🕉🍔🍔✔

Campaign eco m0n acquisite of Mannapå ¿? 🎄👳‍♂️🤴🖼🌭

I left Canimar Qenos a year ago ..

I am a net.druid 3 .

I left Canimar Qenos where I was a druid telling a small nation about a corrupt monier controlling a corporate giant in the £verGråndé reguard of sorcery recovery in G0LD !

I formed an initiative and moved to Retreat to form another initiative with a technomantic follow-up as soon as the templar will arrive with his novice acolytes . tee~hee . that’s all .

Oh alright . Green Smoke .

hi . I run National NORML designation of TriCameral 18322.75~79.1-10~20.0,4*20💚 .

it is pre-rolled cannabis cigarettes and individual packaged products of local industry 2 .

that’s all I meant . we have a catalog of Green Turtle Bud and Druid OMG CBGMA .

the specialty product is cb2 CBDMB ganja THC % prerolled mid-spliffs .

that’s all . I will get GPT-3 .ai chat to work on it with Christmas . 🎅🎄✨

Festivus transition 💚🎅🎄

hi . I am a net.druid3 [(2)]✨

and I want to make a transition in akashic credit karma

of High I.Q. Credit score of Manna n Games .

not much to say ; plenary you get ..

“trolling” the socialists like 🥙☯*epa2🍕🍔

I will give it thought . local industry2 in Build Back Better

is a deal on proper home automate 2022 in

ethic of Dubai transition of Abilene networking✌

got it . thanks , hooray : egalit . ✨✔

I am reviewing transition to spring ☮🥗🍕

let’s see . ready 123 .

I have a way to finish coding edutopia .

I have green grant business mutuals .

the transition of spring in the change of calendar in the summerlands reguard of trimming my beard and seeing to oddly scatalogical health in way of the regard to drinking water and my daily ritual of coffee and sugar and the accord of virtual direction up in mention of the moderný element tobacco . I am kind of like the issue for now is money grant disability and the available money of a green grant business market cap amount in helping with the issue of available money in ethic of a new movement in postmodernism refurbishment .

I am not wanting to bother the Powers That Be but the issue of everyone getting vaccinated is a good ethic and now will be wanted by all .

the issue of new accord in way of a social thought of the mention of nonGMO foods and the way of available finance is my concern to Ad Astra who are trying to go to Mars of all things .

I am not attempting to be a bother to the powers that be but I don’t quite understand my own sense of the socially accepted regard to what I see as the MARVEL 2 Resource FEAT of acquiring space stations I am like about Okay , Elon Musk ; you go to Mars and I will want work at home .

that is my review of spring after an interesting update to wordpress about a darned Meta getting the use of working in ease of use . that is all .

happy spring and good luck to a sense of MagicNet2✨ in way of ROCA program MaRVEL Studios , etcetera .

thanks , hooray . that will be all .

my MediCare philosophy

hello . a few days ago I threw out my lower back .

after the first day of skirmish of Space Force which is classified in terms of my earlier philosophy the permit which space fighter sortie won in way of asteroid mining of a very precious metal rich piece of rock outside of 20 systems which the Republicans tried to land Orion capsules on and drill Iridium 2 and kept getting shot off the rock …

we asked politely for a permit and did the drilling and afforded a base update at L-2 and the guy who wanted with the winnings to gut the base and install photo torpedoes ..

the sortie phased him on light maximum stun and we traded the very precious metal on a Gateway Foundation space station to update the base to a PlayBase .

this will be the introduction of what happened when I threw my back out .

I went to bed a few days before this writing and when I woke up I didn’t seem to have much ability to walk . I did what I do each day is get up ; smoke two tobacco cigarettes , relieve what is called fracking , and make a cup of coffee and sugar .

when I tried to get out of my seat I had to put my hands above my knees and then work my hands up my legs and push up to stand upright .

this went on for a few days and MediCare advisor to getting me a back support called and I gave him and the other foreign fellow my information and they said they would call me back in 15 minutes if there was anything else they wanted to know .

I turned the phone off and signed on Directory and joked with the background call exchange about 10 minutes and they seemed to have enough information to get a proper back support .

my issue is MediCare is seen as personality saving to some folks and a scam to those who don’t know how helpful the MediCare call support system seems to those who have someone to talk to who understands what they seem to want .

in short form the money of MediCare subsidy option is based on potential income and I am non profit with a higher sum so I may joke about what the adjusted MediCare supplemental income will be after call support databases the payment in regard to Treasury of the supplement to any money available on government networking .

it is the rate of a percentage of money available to an account but not within the personal account of the person being given a supplemental adjusted claim .

here’s my MediCare philosophy . ready 123 .

245 Trillion Dollars a month MediCare subsidy .

this has been another joke from druid acquisite of Canimar Qenos .

PCS01 little letters b scainit2 netrunner of Manna n Games Caucus 2

update of philosophy

hello again .

I am in Phil 33 b of the reguard to

eta lin olin unalg r a following way

of thesis on baryon density in way

a geodesic gets near eta em- vector

in regard to ftl init 2 XSLi stream .

I am not trying to bother the reader but

I have a problem with following way of

interrupt computer virus in terms of a

game term of tempomancy conjuritis .

I am a geomancy theogeny netrunner .

literally in topic~reply greenlisting I am

not trying to bother with eta vector d’ens

ity but the postmodernism of specifically

Return of the Jedi movie in way of Anew

Free Trust ed i tion Wizards of the Coast

accord with TSR topsecretnwo Adept of

New World Order new zodiac made the

Burj Khalifa Orion Program office get a

problem with higher sum embezzle at

Shanghai redevelopment of Omé sum

of more money than Elon Musk is now

making on CivNet2 pay grade of Anew

Free Trust ed i tion Civilization game

term of advanced propulsion in way

of a PhysX4-Ya comment on Rhodes

permit of uncoated lossless venting

of the qualitative value of the new

associate value of nuclear engine

before pre fab spaceship design*

is the issue of space explore in a

reguard to Space Force Command

mention of Space Fighter A21 7 2

!1A! and quantum exchange of a

dummy photo(n) torpedo cheq£ .

I get the ecology program on subdesignation of the same blogging reply to what it meant on executive Linux is the setting of a regard to Sir Richard Branson in terms of Manna n Games Caucus 2 Midwest with mental health disorders of set and setting use of LSD sobriety in game recovery ; but the commandeering of pay grade for the gm level of space force blogger .. if a gamer is a targeting & acquisition person with a familiar setting of a starmap1 in way of gamemap2 [(…)] I wish the reader well with what I am blogging reply but my philosophy of planet refurb in regard to A1C DemoGraph of sector holding is the way of free enterprise in concern of netrunner 01 being our system 01 of gm gala 30a01 past Sedna to Majoranitis Mounasitis near transit to system one in terms of the limit of the planet in opposite exo orbit near being opposite Pluto . got it . Command will get this one #123

if the Orani Gap north of system 5 and 6 is like the termå of the Oransi gapa near an asteroid field near system 21 the space fighter classA group of space force entP radio sortie would be known to space command as not using the s.c.a.n. of what orbital platforms do before Gateway Foundation being the issue of TYY Inergy pipeline density . that is my philosophy now with the future accord ethic of learning the transitive value of a in unalg-R of Eta lin vector faster than light of XSLi . œ¡

I joke with readers I am a little tired of foreign affairs being sio belligerent as the

pipeline2 insulting comments on networking to my cable modem makes me rant .

that’s the sum of my current philosophy . thank you . peace now . 18322.75~1-10

druid acquisite ¿space? Pirate Druid Bríiýanó Evå ýá druid ev 🥙🍕