the addendum to my MediCare philosophy

my back is still a little sore

but the MediCare provider wanted

to solve ordering a back brace

and my parent / guardian didn’t

agree with charging MediCare …

here is the addendum to my MediCare philosophy . ready 123 . I paid the PlayBase 245 Trillion Dollars a month upkeep and I have the higher sum offered by Bank of Sellasie at first 9 Amount and then 12 amount then 15 amount . they got to the justified offer of a 20 Amount supplement to the money I gave Zaha Hadid in a meeting before her presentation and a reguard of subsidy of 7 amount to her Midwest Holding futures seems proper in seeing to the way a higher sum could be offered to the new design firm of postmodern Midwest update . Elon Musk is in terms of the one trillion dollar bill he is on accepting 100 trillion dollars credit in trade of a one a 10 and a 75 and a 20 to see to the pre fab spaceships in way of Sir Richard getting online to Directory … I have a dollar set 2 which asked the city planning council asked in a euphamism I get change of the 175 Qn with a 150 Qen and give the advanced medicine advisor a sum of money he could put in a bank and when the activist committee of planning commission was finished dealing in the Quin amount we thought to solve a kind of issue with source code to get pre fab spaceships online to PlayBase and get networking 2.4* to init2 tier4 certifien and begin the space force term sca2 netrunner with cannabis future accord .

the term PlayBase is L-2 base housing 3000 and the YouTube vimeo of source code 3 inExec2* is good to begin source code 4 of getting GeoBays01 online with Terrapin Station to a GeoCom1 in way of the space force future of theogeny and a way to stop skirmish at the beginning of the month with a way to get Command to prevent kepler scanning of systems 9 and 10 and diminish the s.c.a.n. value at a system 8 setting of visible planets . netrunner druid2 reguard is 10 systems star n planet + one~ 20 .

anyway I am not getting the back brace and actually will have a decent June 2020 with the new way of a grant of cannabis for schizophrenia non preposition dopamine study of THC% in mental health .

this has to now been another joke by druidev sca2 netrunner communications directory 18322.75*


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