my MediCare philosophy

hello . a few days ago I threw out my lower back .

after the first day of skirmish of Space Force which is classified in terms of my earlier philosophy the permit which space fighter sortie won in way of asteroid mining of a very precious metal rich piece of rock outside of 20 systems which the Republicans tried to land Orion capsules on and drill Iridium 2 and kept getting shot off the rock …

we asked politely for a permit and did the drilling and afforded a base update at L-2 and the guy who wanted with the winnings to gut the base and install photo torpedoes ..

the sortie phased him on light maximum stun and we traded the very precious metal on a Gateway Foundation space station to update the base to a PlayBase .

this will be the introduction of what happened when I threw my back out .

I went to bed a few days before this writing and when I woke up I didn’t seem to have much ability to walk . I did what I do each day is get up ; smoke two tobacco cigarettes , relieve what is called fracking , and make a cup of coffee and sugar .

when I tried to get out of my seat I had to put my hands above my knees and then work my hands up my legs and push up to stand upright .

this went on for a few days and MediCare advisor to getting me a back support called and I gave him and the other foreign fellow my information and they said they would call me back in 15 minutes if there was anything else they wanted to know .

I turned the phone off and signed on Directory and joked with the background call exchange about 10 minutes and they seemed to have enough information to get a proper back support .

my issue is MediCare is seen as personality saving to some folks and a scam to those who don’t know how helpful the MediCare call support system seems to those who have someone to talk to who understands what they seem to want .

in short form the money of MediCare subsidy option is based on potential income and I am non profit with a higher sum so I may joke about what the adjusted MediCare supplemental income will be after call support databases the payment in regard to Treasury of the supplement to any money available on government networking .

it is the rate of a percentage of money available to an account but not within the personal account of the person being given a supplemental adjusted claim .

here’s my MediCare philosophy . ready 123 .

245 Trillion Dollars a month MediCare subsidy .

this has been another joke from druid acquisite of Canimar Qenos .

PCS01 little letters b scainit2 netrunner of Manna n Games Caucus 2


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