an ode to lord bard

agin I sei lord lite of the way …

it begins an ode to late time of Marsha ..

putrefactio I boiled and less reduction *

a tide of destruction is not my hole in þý

ceiling of a bughole the likes of mannapi

now get as I am space priate king the lin

of noughtý aughta begin AmenYe Manå¡

oh cold haired bard . . tough as we are!

wharf rats and wharf crew hiý0n to úú

bardiondude in light we say goodbye 2

Miss Marsha as Ben Carson will stay in

ways of your ageia the light again st ~¡

cloud druid adept green on air and git

what frazzled his hair in the alchemy!

of love and light in Peace being Now :

Save the Planet almighty Bob ! GodBb2 tsr#b

help us Medio with networking2 git ai

maste~bardi of a bardiondude kinDm

of medio alighted your dimension wit

Manna n Games Peace to You brother

and peace to the pirate kin . epitaph .

written by eberis the same druid ev .

we miss you S~Heaven . Earth Peace

grateful dead . gm bye hippie marta

epitaph timing 11:37 3/25/2020 A.D.

druid ev K.I.N.G. of green turtles B!


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