Directory sans Grouper and ecocentric Manna n Games

I have a joke about the impeachment hearings .

if you care to complain about the president having to go ..

what is the reason of complaint ?

if you get he might not want a second term because popular thought does not offer him one …

will you consider he is doing his best , really .. and isn’t a harm to the people who are complaining as a drug culture of the mention of protestant and the accord of world networking .

this will be my thought .

ready 1 2 3

the XBOX 2 Project Scarlett sign on of intelligence

is the setting of little letters b cia2 online networking

and the Scarlett program itself is the Marvel2 telecom

of the following agreement to allow the name Captain_Marvel_2

in regard to in fact Scarlet Witch as a character in DemoGraph

of telecom heroes who help with globalization .

Globalization is the term of media ecology theory which

concerns the issue of world internet in way of the

worldly accord of hello world . hello druid 2

we say is the accord of getting epatech~internet

or in fact incommon of the internet2 highway

of getting online to a future of home automation .

incommon federation is a way to explain the precast of space force

is the way to explain what we will say we don’t want is Tm network

on non~CRMinit2 of Grouper getting pretense of a hack from the

pre Internet of trying to put the future accord on data centers of the

pre internet value of the future accord in the 1990s which is based on

the future setting of the game Civilization by microprose which we

played on the pre internet right before compile of the internet in the

mid 1990s . what we want to explain we did is play a game which had

a wall on the border of Mexico beginning in 2018 and finished in 2024 .

what it does is tear down the border wall in 2026 and get public works

of the super industry put in the region of Indiana on the border near

the state of Michigan . it’s not a problem unless Trump decides to retire

his second term instead of being removed from office . if he and Pense

decide to not run a second term there should be not any big issue of a

forward push of impeachment . the Danish corporate socialist entity

seems to be intent on an aggressive complaint basis of the post of a

kind of charge against his actions which the Tea Party called “non profit”

Manna Party don’t see as that bad … but if the protestant opinion is

he’s gotta go , he’s gotta go it leaves Tea Party confused about what the

complaint is . if the litigation becomes non compus menti which is the

illegal term in impeachment hearing in capital business law .. he just

decides to tell press club he won’t seek a second term and that’s it …

we get a democratic future accord incumbent . the problem with that is

the DNC should be aware of what happened with the constitution isn’t

the booklet written document .. it’s Constitution Law which is overseen

by the Supreme Court . if the term of new updates when they were then

released by Hamilton Law of Half Vote and a priori are understood …

it says the President may seek a second term on relaxed option . what

about that isn’t understood ? the constitutional update allows a POTUS

to have a second term if he wants .. but changing the ruling is requiring

hearing of the setting of impeach naysaying and complaint which offers

he may want to bow out of the race of a second term instead of be on the

grounds of Danish corporate socialist to be litigated as in a network push

to charge a sitting President with crime of complaint . got it ? anyway ,

my topic . ready 123 . the Directory sans Grouper is a setting of Scarlett

to get home automation of the way to prevent a now setting in 2019 of the

future accord of 2020 A.D. home automate software associate to XBOX 2

and the computer value of Azure and home automate software specifically

without the hack on data center of what home automate does is check the

network cookies and any coding you did on networking and give the Otay

to what it offers is a kind of homology of the home networking with new

computing in a New Age sense of allowing any work on home networking

to come up on a VR friendly home automate setting . what I don’t want is

the 2019 data center hack on home networking reguard of private network

to bring up sharing of data centers custom setting before internet2 of the

incommon ID setting of the actual networking wizard which runs the home

automate feature on XBOX 2 , home computers and VR to have the auto ID

hit on data center I see as a hack so the 2020 setting can have future accord of

a setting known to incommon as the wireless and home automate of internet2

in terms of the available home design of VR and then networking messaging .

one more thought .

the Directory setting is the postmodern megastructures business offices of

New Age accord of the reguard to allow globalization in way of world internet .

the networking in media ecology theory is known as globalization . you get it .

last thought really . Directory sans Grouper I say because I am a kind of

incommon savantism of not using the sign on but getting the server setting …

is the Energy Star * cordless phone setting of getting background information

to Directory which if you look on an Energy Star * cordless phone is the middle

button . it brings up a currently unused setting of Directory . urban ecology like

it but media ecology want it used in home automate . you get this again . Peace*

does the future of XBOX 2 messaging networking have alot to do with world

internet postmodernism ¿? apparently yes but I don’t want the hack on 2019

data center hit of a mention or wording copy of the research of home automate

to bother the actual release in 2020 . Otay you get it . nothing else now . PaxNow

druidev green acquisite with another long worded blog . global peace now 18322


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