Shire of Crystal Mynes

the joke is I am blogging Shire of Crystal Mynes

on Meta .

the wikilinks of avail in Manna n Games Caucus 2 way of

the Campaign 2019 I am sure you get I do not want a way

of a problem of ethereal reguard to the envious setting of

a sullen beset or beseech of the wiki sense of Mannap ear

in concern of the secret order of steampunk druids withþ

the beseech of a villian accord to consider what jumping

at the chance to get Meta meant to a dumB regard of EQ

in way of the LandMark of a kind of white acquire of the

concern to include a sullen reminder of temporum in aý

way of manna and games of the rule of Bank of Japan ..

if this makes any sense to you good luck in alignment *

this will be a blog of seneschal to undermine the waysí

of a more argumentative pastime of Meta postulant …

wil be all . thanks to you I feel ethereal personal Pax #

druidev green acquisite of the reminded espionage å¡*


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