Druid Order fallacy

the study of practice .

you practice what you want to be good at .

I am good .. aligned .

you join a practice to find out what you may learn from a group who copied the information on what to practice from the update of the craft .

I don’t practice magic . I cast in technomancy to avoid tempomancy .

you learn in a coven or a grove and learn the teachings of a longstanding practice .

I work at home and am tired of not the wanting to learn but the fallacy of practice .

when you practice magic alone you don’t have learning you have study .

when you learn modern magic you can invent your own but I am literally so tired of the eclectic apothesis of ‘Nature’ Magic I took several years and did my own study .

I get the practice of magic is example .

I do my own study but it required being out of society in a community called an ecoPagan community setting .

it’s like home OSHA allow alchemy if the fire marshall allows a certification of using candles and lighting with a strong odor at home .

after certification is ordinance .

an ordinance forms a mandate of what is required to do if you want by law .

after ordinance is the nomer of request .

a request gets investigation .

practicing magic at home requires modern magic have a technical advent .

technomancy doesn’t enjoy tempomancy .

tempomancy is bad for the heartbeat .

I will try to give thought to this in acquisite later .


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